Formül Plastic and Metal, which has adopted the principle of producing and designing the best, highest quality product and accepts the information as one of the most valuable assets, takes all necessary measures for information security in order to ensure the satisfaction of all its stakeholders and to achieve its strategic goals.

To ensure the continuous development of our Information security management system within our organization:

Defining the information assets, these assets,

By addressing issues such as the cost of replacing the asset, the confidentiality of information, its impact on image, and the damage it will cause in terms of legal and legal obligations,

Possibility of threats: addressing the high number of weaknesses and how far existing controls can address these weaknesses, aggressive motivation, attractiveness of information to competitors, vulnerabilities in access controls, and integrity of information,

Identify and evaluate the risks related to the confidentiality, integrity and access of information,

To implement the necessary controls for all assets above the acceptable level,

Measuring the performance of information security processes,

Generating targets from this data,

To minimize our weaknesses and threats with infrastructure, working environment, hardware, software and education investments,

To meet the security conditions required by our business, our customers and legal conditions,

we are committed.